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Bacon n Cheddar Fries 

Crispy fried taters heaped with cheddar cheese and topped with bites of bacon. Make ya wanna belly up n ask fer more!

BBQ Bites 

Chunky bites of Fried Chicken smothered in Honey BBQ sauce. Need a lil zip? Ask for Sweet n spicy!

Breaded Avocado Slices 

Generous slices of tasty Avacado coated with crushed Tortilla Chips. Deep Fried to Golden Brown, Crispy outside, Creamy inside...Mmmm. GOOD

Buffalo Bites 

Nawww… it ain’t really buffalo, just lil chicken bites smothered in hot sauce.

Cheese Sticks 

Sticks of Mozzarella Cheese, breaded n fried to just right!

Fried Green Beans 

Crisp Green Beans seasoned `n batter dipped, dusted and fried up to a golden brown. Pair it with some homemade ranch dressing and you got yourself a winner!

Fried Mushrooms 

Breaded `n deep fried to a perfect golden color then served up with a side of ranch dressing. Tasty lil treats indeed!

Fried Pickle Chips 

Tart pickle slices, all breaded up in a spicy crust and deep fried, dip `em in some homemade Ranch dressing and you got yourself a lip smacker!

NotCho Fries 

Golden fried Tater Scoops, smothered with Creamy Queso, Seasoned Taco Meat and Fresh Pico de Gallo. Big enough to share but you may just wanna keep em all for yourself!

Onion Rings 

Sweet onion slices twice breaded and deep fried golden brown. Finer’n frogs hair!

Queso Sticks 

Just like cheese sticks only different! Crispy tortilla chip breading outside, smooth queso inside. Ain't no 2 ways 'bout it. They're larrupin!

Spinach Artichoke Dip 

Hot n Creamy combination of chopped spinach and artichokes, assorted cheeses and perfectly seasoned with herbs blended into a mouth full of deliciousness! Served with Crispy Fried Tortilla Strips made for dippin!

Tater Munchers 

Lil round tater medallions with cheese n jalapeño bits mixed inside. Better’n 2 peas in a pod!

Texas Tumble Weeds 

A Twisty Tangled up mess of perfectly seasoned, thin sliced onions, fried to a crispy golden brown. Served up with House made Ranch or "Horsey" dipping Sauce!

Whitney Sampler 

Samples of our best sellers! Choose 4 of the following; Onion Rings, Fried Mushrooms, Buffalo Bites, BBQ Bites, Cheese Sticks, Fried Green Beans, Tater Munchers, Fried Pickles


Chef Salad* 

Tender Greens, Sweet Red Onions, Maters, Cucumber, Boiled Egg, Ham & Turkey topped with shredded cheese and bits of bacon!

Chicken Salad* 

Tender Greens, Sweet Onion, Maters, and Shredded Cheese. Choose Fried, Grilled or Buffalo Chicken to top it off!

Dinner Salad 

Garden Salad* 

Just the veggies… Generous portion of Tender Greens, Fresh Maters, Sweet Onion, Bell Pepper, Celery and Cucumber topped with Cheese.

Grilled Shrimp Salad* 

Succulent ~ Seasoned Grilled Shrimp tops this bowl of Tender Greens, Fresh Maters, Sweet Onion, Bell Pepper, Celery, Cucumber & Cheddar Cheese!

Heart of Texas Salad* 

We’re mighty proud of this one! We start with a generous portion of Tender Greens and Spiral Pasta, then we top it with Maters, Celery, Sweet Onion, Artichoke Hearts, Pecans, Mandarin Oranges, Shredded Cheddar and Chunks of Tender Grilled Chicken. This one has its own special dressing!

Sirloin Steak Salad* 

6 ounces of sliced tender grilled sirloin atop a special blend of tender baby greens, maters, cucumbers, sweet onions and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar! This one shows true Texas heritage!

Tuscan Chicken Salad* 

Italian Grilled Chicken sittin atop fresh n tender baby spinach leaves, spiral pasta, sweet red onion, diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives. Top it off with a dusting of Parmesan cheese. We like to dress it with our Tuscan Balsamic Vinaigrette.



Classic sammich on your choice of white or wheat toasted bread.

Buffalo Chicken* 

It ain’t really from the buffalo herd! It’s a fried chicken patty doused in some hot sauce then served on a toasty bun with Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce n sliced maters.

Chicken Cordon Bleu* 

Just a fancy name for a Ham n Swiss combo teamed up with a Crispy Fried Chicken Breast on a toasty grilled bun with mayo, lettuce n maters!

Chicken Fried Steak Sammich* 

Choose a toasty bun or Texas Toast with mayo, lettuce n maters.

Cowboy Club* 

Another triple decker… It’s a BLT on one layer and an old fashioned cheeseburger on the other! Mayo, mustard, pickles, onions, lettuce, maters, bacon, burger n cheese!

Cowgirl Club* 

It’s a triple decker … Ham, Turkey, Bacon n Cheese with mayo, lettuce n sliced maters.

Crispy Fish Sammich* 

Crispy Fried Fish Filets sittin atop a lite bed of lettuce n maters on a grilled jalapeno sourdough bun. We add a bit of mayo `n top it off with our homemade tartar sauce! It’ll have you hook, line n sinker!

Fried Chicken Club* 

Crispy Fried Chicken breast on golden grilled slices of Texas Toast with mayo, lettuce n maters, topped with Bacon Strips and Swiss Cheese.

Grilled Chicken Sammich* 

Seasoned chicken breast served on a toasted bun with mayo, lettuce n maters.

Texas Cheese Steak* 

One of our own creations! Texas Cube Steak seasoned up n sauteed with fresh strips of onions & jalapenos, topped with pepper jack cheese served up on a toasted cheddar jalapeno sourdough bun ! Now this is a true Texas Sammich!

Texas Size Ham n Cheese* 

1/4 pound of sliced ham n melted cheese served on Texas toast with mayo, lettuce n maters. Its biggern` Dallas!


Bodacious “Bacon n BBQ” Burger 

Whoa!! It takes both hands for this one. Two 1/3 lb. patties grilled up with onions, smothered in cheddar cheese and settled on a Toasted Jalapeño Cheddar Sourdough bun, add a couple of strips of Smoky Bacon and an Onion Ring, Your choice of mayo or mustard, a touch of BBQ sauce and all the trimmins…….. This jist` might be our best yet!

Gov. Hogg Burger* 

Same good burger, we just add bacon and cheese!

Plain ol Burger* 

A tradition older’n 2 trees! 1/3 lb patty served on a toasty bun with mayo or must, pickle, onion, lettuce n sliced maters. Make mine a cheeseburger for pennies more

Rio Grande* 

We double up the meat and cheese on this Texas treat then heat it up with some jalapenos n buffalo sauce like our neighbors down south like it…. Hottern’ a 2 dollar pistol!

Texas Country Classic* 

Our signature! 8 oz of fresh ground beef blended with onion, spices n grilled to perfection. We top it off with cheese ‘n serve it up on a toasted bun with your choice of veggie trimmins to finish it up.

Texas Style Patty Melt* 

1/3 pound patty on golden Texas toast smothered with onions and cheese.


12 oz Ribeye* 

We choose the best choice beef, cut it in house n cook it just how you like it!

12 oz Sirloin* 

Big `ol house cut choice Sirloin cooked like you like it!

Catfish Fried or Grilled* 

Boneless filets cut n hand breaded then deep fried. We didn’t catch `em but they sure taste like we did.

Chicken Fried Steak* 

Whole muscle beef, tenderized n hand breaded. Deep fried or Pan fried…. it’s the best around!

Chicken Quesadilla `n Salad* 

Tender pieces of chicken grilled with onions, maters n peppers all stuffed inside a flour tortilla smothered in cheese. Served with salad.

Chicken Strips* 

Boneless all white chicken breast battered n deep fried to golden brown.

Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast* 

6oz boneless white chicken breast. So good it tastes almost straight from the hen house!

Grilled or Fried Pork Chops* 

Two 4 oz Boneless Chops, seasoned and cooked to perfection!

Hamburger Steak* 

100% fresh ground beef seasoned and grilled like the pioneers liked ‘em! Add sauteed mushrooms for just $0.79! Served with brown gravy!

Shrimp Dinner*/ Butterfly Fried or Grilled 

Choice fantail breaded Shrimp deep fried golden brown or 2 skewers perfectly grilled with our seasonings… Scrumptious!

Sirloin Tips* 

Tender chunks of beef cut in house for the freshest available. Slow grilled n smothered with peppers, onions n mushrooms.

Smothered Chicken Breast* 

Start with a 6oz boneless chicken breast. Top it with Jalapeno pepper and Onion strips and smother it with Pepper Jack Cheese. Mmmm.

Veggie Plate 

Your choice of four vegetable sides and a dinner salad.

Chuck Wagon Dinners

Chicken Fried Steak 

Chicken Tenders 

Fried Catfish 

Grilled Chicken 

Pork Chops 

Lil' Wrangers

Chicken Bites 

Fish n Chips 

Grilled Cheese Sammich 

Lil Doggies (5) 

Mini Cheeseburgers (2) 

Family Dinners TO GO

Family Size Fried Fish Meal 

12 pc Golden Fried Fish Strips, 8 Hushpuppies, Family Size order of French Fries, served with our homemade Tarter Sauce! MmmHmm...good!

Family Size Steak Finger Meal 

12 Premium Steak Fingers deep fried to Golden Brown, Served with 32oz family sized Mashed Potatoes, 16oz White Gravy and 4 Rolls. Perfect for 3-4 folks!

Heat `n Eat Meals

Family sized Sides `n Fixins

Texas Traditions

Chicken Fried Steak `n Eggs 

Served with 2 eggs any way you like em, Crisp hashbrowns, Hot Biscuit n gravy. A cowboy favorite!

Just the Basics 

2 Eggs any style, Hashbrowns or Grits with buttered Toast or Fresh Baked Biscuit.

Lone Star Haystack 

2 Hot Biscuits, Piled with Hashbrown Taters, 2 Scrambled Eggs and Smothered in Hearty Sausage Gravy. ½ size available as well.

Pork Chops `n Eggs 

Served with 2 Eggs any way you like em, Crisp hashbrowns or Creamy Grits, Hot Biscuit n Gravy. A cowboy favorite.

Starvin Marvin 

Bacon and Sausage, 3 Eggs, Hashbrowns or Grits & Hot Biscuit with Gravy or Buttered Toast!

Steak `n Eggs 

10 oz choice beef served with 2 eggs any way you like em, Crisp hashbrowns, Hot Biscuit n gravy.

Super Sausage Skillet 

(2) Kielbasa Sausage Links & (2) Eggs fixed the way you like em, sittin pretty on top o golden brown hashbrown potatoes smothered with grilled onions, bell peppers and cheddar cheese....Better come hungry for this one!

Texan Favorite 

Bacon, Ham or Sausage, 2 Eggs, Hashbrowns or Grits, Buttered Toast or Fresh Baked Biscuit.

Texas Scrambler 

3 Eggs, Sausage, Onions, Bell Peppers, Jalapenos and Maters all scrambled together ‘n piled on a crisp bed of hashbrowns covered in cheese.

The BIG Tex 

Start with a slab of Texas Toast, pile on some Taters add a Pan Fried Steak , smother it in Creamy Gravy then add 2 Fried Eggs! Now that’s a Texas style meal!


2 Step Combo* 

2 cakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon & 2 sausage.

3 Step 

Biscuits n Gravy 

2 fresh baked biscuits served with a bowl of cream gravy to slather on em. Add Country Sausage to your gravy for a little extra.

Breakfast Burritos* 

Bacon or Sausage. 3 eggs n cheese. We’ll add taters n onions n such if you like it like that!

Breakfast Quesadilla 

Golden grilled flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of Bacon or Sausage, bell pepper, onions, maters and a side of Jalapeños.



Loaded Burrito* 

All but the kitchen sink. Bacon, ham, sausage with maters, taters, bell peppers n onions!

Omelette ~ Build Your Own* 

We’ll start it with 3 eggs n shredded cheddar, you pick the rest! Served with Hashbrowns or Grits, Toast or Biscuit. Add Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Spinach, Bell Peppers, Onions, Maters, Jalapeños, Mushrooms for a small fee per item.

Sausage, Bacon or Ham 

Choice of (2) sausage patties, 4 slices bacon or Country Ham slice.

Single Pancake 

Single Sweet Tater Cake 


Sweet Tater Pancakes (2) 

Now who woulda thunk it, makin flapjacks outta sweet taters! A healthier choice and just a hint of maple, lip smackin

Texas Sweet Slabs 

2 slices of Texas Toast dipped in a sweet batter, grilled to golden brown and dusted with sugar!

Texas Toaster Sammich* 

Bacon or Sausage, fried egg n cheese on golden Texas Toast.

Two Step 

2 cakes so light n fluffy it’s like dancin on a cloud!



Fresh Baked Cookies 

Homemade Cheesecake 

Homemade Pies